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Callee McBorder, anyone?

Sometimes black and white is best.

Callee McBorder
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About me? Hm... well, since this is the first time I've changed my profile n' all of that happy jazz since I got this LJ, I suppose there's some new stuff. First off, I'm a border collie. ^^ No, not really... and I'm fully aware that in person, I am indeed a human being. However, so far as most of the online world is considered... *Muses* ...I'm just your average black and white border collie dog.

I enjoy writing stuff, but mostly it's music/lyrics. I used to write a bunch of stories, but sweet Jesus it's been so long, I'm not very sure I could manage anymore. >_< I also love to play instruments (since... I write music- many lulz). I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboard, harmonica, drums, blah blbah blah.... I'm a dog who likes to be open to musical styles, though generally speaking I'm not a fan of most modern country or rap. Otherwise I like anything from Rammstein to Elton John, Nightwish to Queen, and Alice In Chains to Chicago, to name a few. ^^ My favourite movie, by far is Bolt! If you haven't seen it yet, get out there and do it!

Being a border collie, I of course love the black and white... and lessie... I love humour, too. *Nods* Life without laughter is pointless to me. But hey, enjoy my LJ, whoever you may be!

Oh, und habe dies:

Search, my children, search! ^^