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Thursday, April 30th, 2009
10:50 pm - LJ Change Re-Post
Just re-posting this, as the week draws closer to an end:

Sooo... After years with this journal, and after much debate with myself over the matter, I have decided that I will be changing journals (or rather, names) at the end of this week. There are various reasons for my doing so, and nearly all of them are trivial, but I think the time has come for me to do so.

If you would like me to add you over to the new journal, do please let me know by commenting herein, and I will do so. Thank you. *Woofles*

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
8:30 pm - LJ Change...
Sooo... After years with this journal, and after much debate with myself over the matter, I have decided that I will be changing journals (or rather, names) at the end of this week. There are various reasons for my doing so, and nearly all of them are trivial, but I think the time has come for me to do so.

If you would like me to add you over to the new journal, do please let me know by commenting herein, and I will do so. Thank you. *Woofles*

Oh, also, a quick picture from FCN this weekend. Special thanks to kargowolf for his permission to have tried his head on for a minute, there. ^^

The Mayor of Sheepville

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Monday, April 27th, 2009
4:38 pm - The border collie has returned.
Wow. That's about all I can say for this con. And judging by the reactions of most people there, I suppose that said "wow" should be done in a Christopher Walken voice.

Regardless, while FWA was the biggest con I've been to with so much to do and see, FCN was definitely the most fun con I've been to. I personally met more people and got out to do more at this one than I did at FWA, I think. And it still had a small con feel to it, which I honestly like. I've got various pictures and such, which I'll probably post here eventually once I make may way through all of the other parts of the "Border Collie Travels" series.

Also, thanks to kargowolf, I now have an even greater desire to get myself a partial fursuit.... I'm honestly tempted to sell one of my rifles to pay for such. At the rate I use the rifles, the suit would probably see more action. *Snickerwoofs*

Lastly, a big thanks to kargowolf and _patches for being so very delightful in tolerating the border collie dog these past few days. I spent much of the time following them around like a lost puppy, and I'm sure they'll be glad to not have a black and white shadow, now. *Wags absently* It was great to see the both of them, as well as to meet so many more people who, in time, I'm sure I'll find on here, or meet again at some various future con. I can only hope I get to come back to FCN again next year. ^^

Oh, and last night was the best I've had in ages. And before you assume anything, no I didn't get laid.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
9:02 am - Blah.
A few various things have combined in the past week or two to make me a very irritated and somewhat down-trodden dog. The only plus is that I'm leaving later today to go to FCN (Furry Connection North) in Michigan for the weekend. Soooo hopefully that will make me feel a bit better. We'll see, I suppose.


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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
7:57 pm - The CD is now for sale!
I hadn't really mentioned it in here (LJ) because I didn't really figure that many, if any, of you really cared, but I've been working on putting together a CD. I did all the work myself- nothing professionally done- and it's taken me months now; it's finally done. Finally. I cannot stress that enough, as I'm so very glad to have it finished. I can only hope, at this point, that it will appease those of you that choose to purchase it.

I'd meant to have it ready by Monday, but I was gone most of the weekend, as well as most of Monday and yesterday, so today is really the first full day I've had to devote to wrapping things up. I've got the CDs all burnt and printed, and tucked away in their jewel cases. ^^ And so now I must do the last bit of business: offer the completed product to all of you.

I've never given the complete details of it, so for those that want to know exactly what you're buying, here's an overview:

-12 songs
-53 minutes, 24 seconds total runtime
-Printed discs
-Jewel CD cases (not those thin cheap ones- actual cases)
-Printed booklets with lyrics for all songs

And a few pictures, for your viewing pleasure (pardon the low quality):


Track listing:

1. Ballroom Swing (4:05)
2. Pegasus (3:28)
3. Where Have You Been (3:59)
4. Sometimes (4:04)
5. Lonely Nights (5:00)
6. What About Me (5:07)
7. I Just Want You To Know (4:41)
8. Now It's Today (3:35)
9. I'm No Hero (6:00)
10. As Time Passes By (3:11)
11. I Don't (3:45)
12. The Lonely Way Home (5:36)

If you haven't heard any of the above songs, many of them are in my gallery on FA. Some have been re-recorded, however, so for those (such as Now It's Today) what is in my gallery is not what will be on the CD, for quality reasons. The following songs will be the same, however:

I'm No Hero
I Don't
What About Me
The Lonely Way Home

The cost of the CD will be $10. I'm not technically charging anything for shipping, since I don't know what it will cost, not to mention I think $10 is enough to ask for as it is. Regardless, if you should feel inclined to add an additional dollar or two to assist in shipping, I certainly won't be a dog to complain. ^^

If you wish to purchase one, I will accept cash or PayPal only. I would say I'd take check or money order, as well, but those are too much of a hassle for all involved. In the end, PayPal will probably honestly work the best.

Also, if you wish to buy a CD, you can reply herein to say so, but I will not consider such a valid commitment. I would prefer that you send me a private message on LJ, an instant message, or an e-mail (callee_mcborder@yahoo.com). In said e-mail, I will need the name and address I'll be shipping to, as well as the PayPal account you will be using to make the purchase, so that I may properly account for any payments that come through. It would be much appreciated, thank you. ^^

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to ask!

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Saturday, February 14th, 2009
5:25 pm - A quick update...
I'll try to keep this short, since I've other things to tend to this evening...

I'm finishing up putting together a CD of music and such that should be completed and ready for sale by the end of this month. I'm also going to Furry Weekend Atlanta next month, which I'm absolutely delighted about. ^^

Speaking of cons, I'm also planning on going to Furry Connection North in Michigan in April, but I need roommates for such. So if you or anyone you know are going and have space for a border collie dog, even if it's just floorspace, please let me know. ^^ I have no problem in paying my fair share. I don't smoke or drink (I'm not old enough to legally do the latter, anyways) and I really try to be as clean as a I can.

Bark! ^^

current mood: hopeful

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Monday, January 5th, 2009
4:11 pm - Boredom...
When boredom strikes a border collie dog, things like this can happen. *Flicks an ear*

On an unrelated note, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. I actually got all my cards out on time this year, and got a few in return. So far I've gotten something from the following:

CW & Radar

So thank you to all of you. ^^

Going even further back in the timeline, Florida was epic, of course, and unfortunately I had to return to the depression-laden land known as Ohio. >_< Eventually I'm going to upload a bunch of pictures from all my travels last year and do a massive (cut) entry so those that want can catch up on what the dog did with himself.

Bark! ^^

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Saturday, December 20th, 2008
8:13 pm - Heading home...
As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And so here I sit, at a hotel in Ashburn, Georgia, staying this evening only to continue my trip home tomorrow. This past week has been absolutely wonderful, and now I just have no desire whatsoever to return to Ohio. I'm leaving warm, sunny, relaxing Florida for cold, snowy, icy, depressing Ohio. *Flicks an ear*

But all the same, I am quite thankful for the good times I have had this past week, and I suppose I would be a shallow and selfish dog to desire more. I'll most more about the rest of my week and such once I'm back home. Until then, my deepest gratitude to nexrad and loopter for their hospitality and kindness these past couple of days. ^^ I am again reminded of what a special and honoured dog I am.....

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
9:55 am - Yesterday
Yesterday was awesome. Beyond all compare (sans for Bolt, who is of course fully awesome). We got to Disney's Hollywood Studios a little after 10am, and went to multiple attractions therein (hopefully I'll do a more in-depth post later, with pictures and such) and had a wonderful time. Then at around 3 in the afternoon, after having our pictures taken with Bolt ( ^^ ), we moved over to Epcot, which was equally delightful! We left Epcot for Downtown Disney at around 9pm, and wandered around there until somewhere between 10 and 11, then returned to the hotel.

Many countless and indebted thanks go out to the amazing and delightful foxmaxwell for her guidance through the parks, her transportation to and fro, her bringing us in on one of her few days she gets to bring others, and most of all, her company in joining us. Yesterday was honestly one of the best days I've had in some time... Thank you, Miss. ^^

Today, I'm headed over to her home for a bit of musicing this morning/afternoon, then she'll be joining my friend and I for a game of mini-golf, after which I believe we're all headed back to Downtown Disney to see Bolt! *Barks* And also to the Virgin Mobile store so my friend, Dan, can spend more untold amounts of cash on movies and such. *Snickerwoofs*

I'll hope to try and keep you all updated through here as best I can! Until next time, remember: It could be worse- you could be in Ohio!

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
8:11 am - We're going to Disneyland!
*Wags* Well, here in about half an hour we'll be on our way up to Disney, along with and thanks to the wonderfully kind foxmaxwell. ^^ It's going to be such a full day, and I'm quite the happy dog! *Barks*

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Monday, December 15th, 2008
11:25 am - A quick review
My past couple days have gone as follows:

I got myself up and out of bed at about 9:30am on Friday, and did not go back to bed until around 10:30 on Saturday morning. I slept until 6:30 that evening, then got up, got myself showered and dressed, and got a few last minute things around until my friend, Dan, arrived at my house. We loaded up my car, stopped off at a local gas station for some fuel, and then were on our way, departing shortly before 10pm on Saturday.

We stopped for re-fueling at around 3am, somewhere in southern Kentucky, then got back on the road. Passing through Atlanta at around 7am, we continued on for a bit longer until we again stopped for more gas, and also got some breakfast at Denny's, half-an-hour or so south of Atlanta. Continuing our drive, we stopped a final time for gas just outside Ocala at the exit for state route 27 off of I-75. Continuing on 27, we headed further south until we got onto route 192, and took that east to our current hotel just outside of Kissimmee. We arrived at the hotel just after 3pm, yesterday, which means I'd been driving for 17 hours. Dan can't operate a manual transmission, so I was in charge of all the driving and such... *Flicks an ear* Hooray.

Regardless, I didn't end up going to sleep last night until about 10pm, so I'd been up for 27.5 hours. So in the past few days, I've been up for 25 hours, slept a bit, then been up for 27.5 hours, spending 17 of the latter driving, then slept a bit more. The rest of this week is going to be beautiful. ^^ A regular schedule, and to make it all better, I'm in Florida. While everyone else in Ohio is freezing with highs in the 30s, Dan and I will be reveling in lows in the 50s and 60s. Bark!

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Friday, December 12th, 2008
11:23 pm - Sure, why not.
I'm having a somewhat... down-trodden evening. So to try and ignore it, myself, I'm going to write something silly and unmeaningful.

Once upon a time,
or so the story goes,
there lived a lonely minstrel,
in a land that no one knows.
This minstrel had a longing,
to play unto the king,
but while his harp was lovely,
alas, he could not sing.

Speaking he could manage,
and utter any word.
But when he tried to sing them,
no sound could 'ere be heard.
No good would be a minstrel,
what played and nothing more.
What court would ever have him,
and if they did, what for?

So through the woods he wandered,
playing idly to the trees,
and singing did surround him,
from the birds and from the breeze.
One day the king was passing,
through said minstrel's wooded home,
when he heard a sound a sudden,
that caused him then to roam.

The source he soon discovered,
was the minstrel wandering free,
and thus the king did speak to him,
and bade "Come play for me."
He listened and he waited,
for words, for sound, for voice,
but anon he was discouraged,
and gave a final choice.

"If a note you sing,
then you may come along,
unto my distant castle,
and forever give me song."
The minstrel's mouth was opened,
but no vocal talent shone,
and thus the king did leave him there,
to play and die alone.

current mood: guilty

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
12:09 pm - All the cool people are doing it!
Yes, I suppose since everyone else has made this post (and I usually have by now, too) I'll do the same, here....

If you would like to get a Christmas card from the border collie dog, please comment herein with your name and address, etc. All comments are screened, so no worries. I don't care if I've sent you one before and your address hasn't changed- comment here. I know that I've commented in some people's LJ entries saying I'd exchange cards, but I'm honestly not going to hop though LJs to find out who I owe one to and who I don't. If you don't comment here, you won't get one. *Tail twitches*

I do apologize if that sounds at all harsh, but I need to try and keep this organized this year. I'll be gone for a week and a half before Christmas, so I need to get these cards taken care of. If I can't get them sent out before my trip, I'll do so as soon as I get back. So hopefully you'll all have your cards by the end of this year. Hopefully. >_< I'm a terrible dog with timing....

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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
10:41 pm - Bolt?
So, I just went to see Bolt! Ohmyfuckinggod! I haven't been this giddy about a movie since I saw Finding Nemo. That was great.... *Wags* A bit simplistic in some parts, but a wonderful movie, overall. *Barks at that* ^^

Yeah, I'll be buying that on DVD. For serious.

current mood: ecstatic

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008
6:34 pm - Lyrics and travel
First and foremost, it's official (or as official as it can be without me actually being there)- I will be going to Florida with a friend of mine in a few weeks. We'll be gone from December 11 to the 19th or 20th. Not sure what we'll be doing, exactly... I do know were going to try to make it to Disney (compliments of the kind foxmaxwell) since I didn't make it there the last time I was down. I think we may also stop in to visit (aka bother) nexrad and loopter. Apart from all that, I don't believe there's much of anything else specific on our list. *Snickerwoofs*

And now, because I haven't bothered you all with such for a while, have some (crappy) lyrics. These are from November of last year, actually. I'll even put them behind a cut so your friends pages remain semi-clean. Thank me later.
Read more...Collapse )

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Monday, November 17th, 2008
12:25 pm - Outlook of the moment
While complete bliss may not be attainable, subdivisions thereof are, and should be sought after with the utmost care, yet also with the utmost vigor and desire. Something special is no longer special if you forget during your search why it was unique to begin with.

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Thursday, November 13th, 2008
8:57 pm - Travel via CD
So, I got a call the other day from a friend of mine. He's currently in college, but he's got some time off come December, and wanted to know if I'd like to go on a sort of road trip. He even suggested going to Florida, which is like basically clipping a leash to this border collie dog and dragging him into your scheme, regardless.

Now, he offered to pay for the whole thing, but that's going to be around $600 or so, and I hardly wish to make him pay such an amount, especially for such a trip as this. In which case, I decided to try something to raise some money to ease his financial situation.

In which case, I've compiled a list of 14 songs that I'd like to put on a CD. Of those 14 songs, 9 are ones which I have not posted on FA, so there will be a reason to actually buy the stupid things. Overall, it should be close to an hour or so in length... Probably a bit longer. Nothing professionally recorded, mind- Simply all done to the best of my ability, here.

So I just wanted to do a quick journal entry to ask who would be interested, first and foremost.... And secondly, how much would you all suggest I charge for such a thing? I apologize for such things... I just thought that this would help those who want a CD of mine to have one, and also it will help me aid my friend in paying for such a trip.

If there's enough interest, I'll hopefully post short demos of some of the unheard songs for those that are still wary of the idea. However, to keep the CD a "desirable" item, I will not put any of those songs up on FA or the like, so those that have the CD won't have been essentially screwed out of their money. ^^

I look forward to your replies with alertly-perked ears! *Wags*

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Friday, October 24th, 2008
10:11 am - I've said it before and I'll say it again...
...sometimes I'm the stupidest fucking dog.

current mood: crushed

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Saturday, October 18th, 2008
6:31 pm - Photography
For those of you that would like to view my efforts at photography, please have a look here:

Photography On FurAffinity
There's no porn, there, even though it's on FA, so you don't have to be afraid to click it. *Flicks an ear*

For those of you still unwilling to go to FA, I'm slowly adding some pictures to my neglected dA account, as well:

Photography On DeviantART

Thank you much! *Barks!* ^^

current mood: accomplished

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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
11:59 am - Bark.
You are a

Social Liberal
(70% permissive)

and an...

Economic Moderate
(56% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

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